EV 2019 - EVil Dead

Easter Venture (EV) is a four day Branch competitive hike for Venturer Scouts, older Scouts and Guides. It is held over the Easter long weekend from Friday 19 April (Good Friday) to Monday 22 April 2019.

EV is a team event and you will hike in teams of four to seven. The minimum of four participants per team will be strictly applied for your safety. All members of your team must stay together.

EV 2019 will be held at Kuitpo- a great hiking area with a mixture of pine plantation and native scrub. Plenty to challenge the best Guide, Scout and Venturer Hikers!


Team and entry requirements

Teams can be a made up of a mix of males and females from any of the three eligible groups;

  • Older Scouts;
  • Venturers; and
  • Guides.

All youth members participating in EV must be 13.5 or above on Friday 19 April 2019 and under 18.

18-year olds still within the Venturer Section may participate, but must sleep in separate tents during the event.

Registered Scouts who will be over 13.5 years old on friday 19 April 2019 are invited to apply to attend. Please contact the event coordinator (Michael Woodward) on 0434 924 399 or via woodward27@adam.com.au to discuss your bushwalking skills. If eligible to attend, you will be provided with an Eventbrite code to access a discounted ticket ($35 for applications before 17th March, or $55 until applications close on 31st March).

All Participants need to be competent in the Outdoor Skills required by the Venturing Skills Award or its equivalent.

Teams can be made up of participants from the eligible groups. For example, a team could comprise of Venturers from two different Units, or Venturers and Guides. Inviting a couple of older Scouts from your local Scout Troop might also be an effective linking activity.

Teams should comprise individuals with similar abilities and/or goals for Easter Venture. More information is available on selecting your teams.

Need a team? Let us know and we can place you in a team.



Every year Easter Venture has a different theme. This year the theme is 'EVil Dead' that will incorporate everything and anything related to horror; zombies, vampires, Frankenstein, witches, werewolves... Think outside the box!

Animated ghost


Awards and trophies

There are eight trophies to be won over the course of the weekend.

  • The Michael Woodward Hike Award (Day Pack) is awarded to the team that demonstrates the highest level of skill in hiking, whilst only carrying a day pack. This is done by collecting checkpoints along the hike. There are three levels of difficulty and hiking teams can choose to collect as many or as few levels as they want.
  • The Hiker's Feat Shield (Full Pack) is awarded to the team that demonstrates the highest level of skill in hiking, whilst carrying a full pack. This is done by collecting checkpoints along the hike. There are three levels of difficulty and hiking teams can choose to collect as many or as few levels as they want.
  • The Amanda Taylor Memorial Theme Award goes to the team that does the best job of getting into the 'Happily nEVer After' theme and participates in all activities presented by the EV Theme Team.
  • The Camp Award is awarded to the team that achieves the highest standard of camping, including teamwork, tidiness and food preparation.
  • The Activities Award is awarded to the team that participates in and wins the most points at the activity check points along the hike route.
  • The Rover Activities Award is awarded to the Rover Crew or Rover Team that provides the best activities as voted by Venturers.
  • The Pick of the Teams Award is presented to the team that best epitomises the attitude and enthusiasm needed for Easter Venture.
  • The Graham Hill Perpetual Easter Venture Award (Overall Winners) is the overall trophy to be awarded to the team that demonstrates the highest levels of participation, skill and enthusiasm and generally participates in the spirit in which the event is run.


EV Rules

The Scout Law is the Law of Easter Venture.

View the rules of Easter Venture



There are four kinds of checkpoints:-

  • Activity checkpoints: where Rovers run an activity related to the theme which takes a few minutes, earns your team bronze level points. Activity checkpoints are MANDATORY and your team will severely lose points if the checkpoint is missed. Some have the option to conduct initiative activities for the Venturer Award Scheme, if you are undertaking this.
  • Unmanned checkpoints: [Bronze, Silver or Gold level] designated by a bright orange marker with an intention sheet for you to complete and a means for you to mark your team passport - typically a punch device. No water is available for hikers at any of these checkpoints.
  • Lunch Checkpoint opening times vary for each day as indicated in the passport. All teams must visit this checkpoint. To earn theme points, join in on the activities provided by Theme Team. Water and First Aid are available. After your 30 minute compulsory stop you are able to check out.
  • Campsites opening times and last check-in times will be indicated in the passport. Late penalties apply. Check in with Admin and your Leaders when you arrive. You will be given the next day's control points and/or map. Hot water will be available, first aid, activities and sleep!!!! You must arrive at both the last activity for the day and the campsites as indicated in the passport, late penalties apply. You are able to leave the next day within the time frame listed in your passport after checking-out with Admin.


Initiative Activities

Did you know that you can 'value add' your EV experience?

Value Add means that by successfully completing activities at selected Check Points [Controls], demonstrating good navigation, camping and cooking skills, and bringing the right gear for the event, you can gain your Initiative Activity Tape.

Check your Venturer Record Book for the requirements and view the assessment criteria.

You will need to get Unit Council approval before Easter to be able to count EV Initiative Activities in part of your award scheme.

For further information, please contact Michael Woodward.